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Reclaim Mallorca was founded in 2009 on the island of Mallorca, to redefine the concept of luxury. Producing one off, high quality, handmade, up-cycled products, designed to last.


When I founded Reclaim in 2009 the two biggest polluters in the world were the fossil fuel and fashion industries. I set out with a very clear goal in mind – build Reclaim up to a globally recognized, sustainable luxury brand to fund the creation of a reforestation foundation.


In 2014, I gave myself ten years to achieve this. This was before the latest IPCC report was published... 10 yrs is no longer an option. The conditions required to support and sustain human life on this planet are rapidly deteriorating. The most urgent challenge we face is CO2 reduction.

So with all of this in mind, at Reclaim, we realise we cannot wait one more minute before starting to act. Because of this, we're committed to plant a tree for every bag sold online.

We also dedicate time & energy to raising awareness (and capital), for DAC  atmospheric CO2 reduction technology, think of this tech as a safety valve for the human race. We are running out of time.

Our bags are a combination of leather that has aged naturally through a lifetime of use by thoroughbred racehorses, or spirited polo ponies, combined with century old Mallorcan fabrics and surplus Italian cashmere; Creating a completely ONE OF A KIND, exclusive piece, that is as individual as the person who carries it. Every piece has its own story to tell, a story which continues, as it leaves us to live with you.


The brand produces two collections annually with styles being added to the line as and when, we feel we have something else, worthy of sharing with the world. Our production takes place on the island of Mallorca employing local, talented craftspeople. We believe in keeping our workers happy, whatever that may take.


That happiness and love for their work, shines out of our products. We have created in store merchandising materials as well as pack & wrap for both retailers and web sales. All with the same feel of sustainable luxury in mind. All of our paper-based products are either from recycled sources or FSC forests.